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1. The paper will show solid research on a particular U.S. Supreme Court Justice and his or her influence on media law, including specific cases. 

2. To a state, prove and defend a thesis. A thesis is “a position or proposition that a person advances and offers to maintain an argument” It mush have a subjective point of view; that is you will argue that something is right or wrong, a good idea or a bad idea, worthwhile or not worthwhile. Simple reviews of a topic without critical analysis or defense of an idea will not be acceptable!! 


4. AT FIRST, you need write 200-300 words(CASE EXPLANATION) to have the particular case you will be writing your term paper about chosen and explanation of how you plan to approach your topic.  THEN YOU NEED OPEN A NEW DOCUMENTS TO  START WRITE YOU RESEARCH PAPER!! (case explanation and research paper overall 1700- 2300 words)

5. FORMAT: MLA style.  1,500- to 2,000-words, double spaced with at least a one-inch border all around. type paper in 12 point. Each page should be numbered, with a title page before page one.

also for the form of notes and bibliography consult The Chicago Manual of style. author, title, publisher, place and date of publication for books; author, title of article, name, volume and year of journal, and page numbers for articles. Notes should always make clear to what page in what work you are referring. Chicago Manual allows ibid. but not op.cit.

6. SOURCES (REFERENCES )REQUIRE: MUST no less than 10 sources, excluding court cases. At least five of these must be books, not counting either of our two textbooks. No more than three of the ten sources can be Internet sources.

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