Respond to 4 Discussion Questions

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OL328 Leadership


This calculated risk was not my managers idea but the company’s because other warehouses were doing it this way. My manager, at the time, was the one that had to execute the idea to us and make sure we do it right. I work in an area called breakpack/PUT. It is where I fill up a box, that goes to the store, of the items that the store needs that are not a full case. I scan the label and the lights tell me where to put that item. Well as a group, we would stack the passing freight to one another. With is situation, it took up some time when checking all the boxes to see if you need to scan them or not, the label most generally tells you what section it goes to. The upper managers of the warehouse were doing some research on how to make our numbers higher. Their research had shown that not stacking the boxes and doing a single file line would help with our numbers because it did in other warehouses. So the first day we try this new way, we set the record high in cases per hour. That day our numbers were really high. The warehouse threw a little party for us at the end of the week. This was the calculated risk that my manager, coworkers and I had to take to make our number better.


One instance of a calculated risk that I witnessed from a leader I followed involved letting another person go from the team. Since they were an individual that was also a leader, it was a tough decision mainly because of how popular they were to people that we assisted. The leader was worried that even with the situation at hand, where this individual was breaking staff policy, those regulars would be upset and not want to come around again. However, after talking it through, the calculated risk was that we would have staff that follow policy and that, hopefully, any regulars who may have a problem with letting this individual go would understand that we still had to uphold our rules. It was a very strange situation because of the backlash risk, however, the leader decided to let them go and the regulars who we were initially concerned about agreeing with the decision, thus being a risk that was okay to take. This also went on to show that the process we had was challenged because of the risk we took to let go someone who helped the group get to where it was while still continuing to move forward even though we didn’t have a situation like it prior.

OL300 Operations Management


A business near where I work in Fort Worth is Bruce Lowrie Chevrolet. This is a very popular Chevrolet dealership in Fort Worth. I think the company chose this location because it is right off a major interstate and is in close proximity to two other major highways. I would also guess that rent in that area is very affordable since it is not in the center of downtown or in an upscale neighborhood. One of the weaknesses of the location is that around 5:00pm everyday there is a heavy traffic in that area. This location allows for people to easily stop in to look at the inventory or to get their car serviced. Since it is so close to many highways, the company would be able to trade stock such as cars and trucks or get parts from nearby Chevrolet dealerships.


We have one big boxed store. If anyone can guess, its Walmart of course. Its the perfect location. Kroger is the only other one who can even come close to compete. Walmart can put out all small local business for their cheap prices and being able to make one stop for almost anything you could possibly need. It seems like Walmart pops up around every 30 miles going east or west or north or south. Our store in Morehead, KY is the largest in their region. You can eat lunch, have an eye appointment, get your hair and nails done and shop. Even a liqueur store. My husband works there so I will always support Walmart because that where our income comes from but I also feel bad for all the small business trying to make a living. I still shop at the locals when I get time or the extra money. Walmart is just more convenient and easier on the wallet most times.

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