Retirement Solution Temp

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  1. The spreadsheet will then calculate much of the work for you.  But please calculate the very last box at the bottom of the Excel template using your financial calculator.  The variables are there for you.  This assignment isn’t designed to have you crunch a lot of numbers.  You’re doing enough of that type of practice inside of Connect.  Rather, this exercise is the practical application of what you have learned about the time value of money from Chapter 9.  
  2. Go back and complete the remainder of the worksheet based on the values computed in the Excel template.  

The Excel template must be submitted with the completed worksheet and the figures in both the worksheet and template must be consistent with one another.  Discrepancies will be a cause for point deductions.  Also, proofread carefully because I will also deduct points for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. Your submission must include both a completed retirement worksheet as well as the Excel template and be sure the numbers between the two documents match accordingly.

Retirement Solution Template (2).xls 

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