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There is a store that sells smartphones that wants to design an online system for electronic orders. What are the boundaries for this project?

Boundaries for this project are as follows 1- People from USA can place
Answer: order 2- The online electronic system is only accessible through chrome,

safari desktop windows users 3- No trainings provided for the end
product 4- Only PayPal payment method will be integrated with it 5-No
third party tool or api will be added in future.

The project would begin from the moment that the first action is made
Feedback: towards placing the order. In the case of a system, it could be said that

the beginning boundary would be set by the first key stroke. The
project would end the moment that the order is placed, or where the
retailer hands over control to the vendor. With the system, the end
boundary would be the moment the retailer hit the “submit”

button. This assumes that the retailer does not have any partial control
over the vendor’s process once the order is handed over.

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