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rhetorical analysis, choose one of the following advertisements (either military or habitat for humanity) and write a 2-4 page analysis that explores how the advertisement uses rhetoric to convince its viewers of something. For example, does the advertisement want you to join a certain branch of the military or does it want you to donate money to Habitat for Humanity?  You will write your analysis considering rhetorical setting and rhetorical appeals.  Consider all elements of the commercial.  For example, what is relevant in the design and purpose of the commercial; is it music, color, words, scenes, actions, people, emotion, etc.  This analysis will be written in 3rdperson.

Choose one of any of the following:

  1. Symbol of Strength: More than a Uniform (ARMY)https://youtu.be/zRsxBVMwFoU
  2. U.S. Army Commercial 2015 ‘The Team that Makes a Difference’https://youtu.be/ozT18LA5CSE
  3. United States Marine Corps: For Us Allhttps://youtu.be/FrDv1AB8P3I

Assignment Choices for Habitat for Humanity:

  1. Habitat for Humanity ‘Man Barrow’ Commercialhttps://youtu.be/XYs6TLk5kb4
  2. Reba Habitat for Humanity Commercialhttps://youtu.be/MGhoBZUibHw
  3. Habitat for Humanity ‘Man Mixer’ Commercialhttps://youtu.be/1NQvv5wVxzQ

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