Roman Empires

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Assignment 1:

1. a. Which dynasty created and ruled the “first” Holy Roman Empire?
The “first” rendition of a Holy Roman Empire existed in the geographical area we know today as France. Use both the text and online research for the dynasties. All I want is the names of the dynasty, not all the leaders in the dynasty. E.g.: Bushian, not G.H.W. Bush and G. W. Bush
b. (optional) You can put in the genealogical trees, however, if you wish. They are fun!

2 sources minimum

2. a. Where was the 2nd Holy Empire? Which geographical area would we call it today? (these two really constitute one question)
b. Display a thumbnail map and the source.

Assignment 2:

It is a PowerPoint, and each century fades from one to another.

Only the PowerPoint app opens, not the actual slides, when you clcik the link. Turn on SlideShow. To view all the centuries, press the –> (forward) key. You will have to press the forward key once to start the slideshow. You can tell which century by the label in the top middle of the maps: e.g. 300bigfonts (please ignore the word ‘bigfonts;’ the html put in the word after making the date in a big font, and I have not found the code to fix it). You can go backwards; it does not fade, so it is faster.

Go through the series of maps to be able to answer these questions. Use How to Tell Centuries in Additional Class Resources. Answer all questions with BOTH the year from the PowerPoint, AND with the century. I want to make sure that you can read both maps and tell centuries in this assignment, as well as find the information. You may also look elesewhere for information, but include any outside sources.

1. In which century/ies do we first see northern France take shape?

2. In which century do you see the “first” Holy Roman Empire, that encompasses France and northern Italy/Rome?

3. In which century do you begin to see the 2nd Holy Roman Empire? (See your answer in the 1st Assignment to recognize this.)

4. In the 500s/6th C., what begins to happen to the British Isles?

5. a. When is the first time we see the term “England” on the maps?

b. Research: What tribe is the source for that word, England?

6. When do the Vikings arise? (A range of centuries is a good answer here. You may research the Internet, too, to verify what you see.)

7. a. In which century do you no longer see the eastern Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, at all?

b. Which new empire has overtaken it?

8. a. As you view these maps of Europe over 2000 years, what strikes you about the borders of European states?

b. Explain how what you see might affect a long-term view of European History. (If you cannot figure this out, please make sure that you answer 8. a.)

Assignment 3:

Answer the questions on the attached sheet, and fill in the table on it.

Assignment 4:

Fill out the attached table and answer the questions.

If you find 9-10 Crusades, but the table is shorter, you must add rows to match your timeline.

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