Science Personalized Nutrition VS Dietary Guidelines Essay

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I’m working on a science project and need guidance to help me learn.

What to write? 

You can choose one of the three prompts to write your essay:

Option 1: Tell your personalized nutrition story (if it is sensitive information, you don’t have share). Based on what you learned through the reading/videos and what you learned in class, how have your genetic inheritance, epigenetic inheritance, early life events or current lifestyle possibly affected you, and/or your microbiome? Did the genetic and epigenetic factors align well with your environment, to affect your potential risk of developing chronic diseases? How can you change these factors to lower your risk of chronic diseases? Have you done any genetic testing and microbiome testing or used any personalized nutrition service(s)? If not, what kind of things would you like to find out about yourself?

*These questions are guiding questions to structure your essay, please feel free to be as creative as you want. But you need to include the concept of microbiome, how nutrients and gene interact with each other.

Option 2: Personalized Nutrition VS Dietary Guidelines?

As Tim Caulfield (the guest speaker in the gastropod “Eat this, Not that”) pointed out, there are potential drawbacks to over-emphasizing the need for personalized nutrition. What are some of the potential drawbacks of the Personalized Nutrition movement? Please organize your own thoughts, or do your own research instead of just summarizing what Tim Caulfield said. Use the concepts we taught in class, what do you think we should follow dietary guidelines or personalized nutrition?

Option 3: Explore and evaluate current market of personalized nutrition.

Step1: If you choose to do this option, you need to listen to the recorded lecture “Personalized Nutrition: Are We There Yet?” and summarize what the lecture discusses.

Step2: Evaluating the company/product/service

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