Science Yogurt Analysis and Its Benefits Report

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Write  REPORT:

1 introduction

1- what is yogurt ?

importance of yogurt?

  • chemistry of yogurt (LAB) 2 lines.
  • how its formed > acidification 
  • why there is need to heat milk ?

why produce yogurt? extend shelf life, more nutritious , sensory properties improved in terms of taste and flavor.

  • 2- About camel milk ? till now not any camel milk yogurt is available
  • 3- ( About flavored yogurt ) fortifying yogurt with fruit/ flavored yogurt.

more fit for drinkable yogurt ……  

benefit ? (human nutrition value/ extended shelf life )

4- sensory analysis of yogurt (in general)

  • importance of sensory
  • methods (QDA, consumer test, ranking      test,,, )

5. experimental design  

  • physicochemical analysis:
  • (what are the methods for each ) pH      methods, acidity methods and equation, hardness method:

6.Descriptive attribute which is related to flavored yogurt. :(( put  tablewith definitions)). 

Color :


Mouth feel:

Texture : 

Overall acceptance : 

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