Scientific Games supply Chain management

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Thoroughly research and analyze two opportunities and two threats that Scientific Games is facing. Each of these opportunities and threats must come from a force or forces occurring within a dimension or dimensions of the general environment within the organization’s external environment (Keep in mind an opportunity or threat can stem from more than one dimension within the general environment.). Be sure to include in your discussion the relevant dimensions (please see below, I cut and paste these from our Week 1 lecture notes to help you out) of the general environment from which each of these forces is derived that are creating the specific opportunity or threat for the organization.

External Environment Components (from our Week 1 Lecture Notes)

The external environment of an organization is divided into six components by our textbook. This differs slightly from the Organizational Environments Tutorial (located in the Week 1 Lecture) since the textbook adds the component of Demographics. Below are the six components and some of the components that might be part of that component.

  • Economic: unemployment, GDP, recession (either local or national or worldwide), currency valuations, and interest rates
  • Global: trade agreements, transportation, and tariffs
  • Political/Legal: EEO Laws, Tort Reform, laws, and taxes
  • Sociocultural: food preferences and patriotism
  • Technological: connectivity, miniaturization, and databases
  • Demographic: age, race, and gender of a population.

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