SFC ?Standard Error & Deviation Squared Deviation & Frequency of Result Worksheet

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For this final lab, we end where we started, with the die rolling experiments. You will need your data from Lab 01, as well as the whole class histogram provided in the PDF for part c of that lab.

One aspect of that lab was to acquaint you with the idea of insufficient data. Some of the questions I asked really couldn’t be answered reliably, simply because 30 data points was a fairly small sample. In this lab, you will compare the reliability of your results (30 points) with that of the whole class (270 points).

Grading is based on the expectations of a professional looking table (just as in Lab 01), with column and row labels and good formatting, and a coherent discussion of the results in the context of the background provided in the lab. This lab is worth 25 points.

please see the finals for further instructions

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