SHORT ESSAY: Write your answers in a separate document in Word (.doc/.docx) or R

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SHORT ESSAY: Write your answers in a separate document in Word (.doc/.docx) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) and post it to the course online system by the said deadline.

Please note that the answer to each of these questions is hardly more than half a page. So your answers must be short and to the points. Writing too much and “irrelevant” to the question will cost you points. Also for each question, you must add the source at the end of your answer (page number from the textbook or the URL from the Web).


1. Identify the type and the category of each of the following goals for an ambulance dispatching system. Discuss the reasons for your classification:

a)  The red button on the ambulance panel shall be pushed when the ambulance arrives at the incident scene.

b)  The stress inherent to working conditions of ambulance crews should be reduced.

c)  An ambulance is displayed by the software as being available if and only if it is actually ready for intervention at its ambulance station.

d)  The nearest available ambulance shall be mobilized for the incident.

e)  An ambulance may not be mobilized for an incident if it has not been allocated to that incident.

f)  Upon mobilization the selected ambulance shall receive a mobilization order on its mobile terminal.

2. Prepare a process-based reviewing plan for the library system. From the preliminary problem description in Section 1.1.2 (of the textbook), define a specific role for each reviewer and, for each role, inspection directives based on specific checklists.

3. Build a Z specification for a simple diary management system allowing users to make appointments, cancel them, move them to another date and obtain the dates of appointments with a given person.

4. Consider the library, train control and meeting scheduling case studies (of the textbook). For each of them, identify the types of document that would be worth considering for background study prior to the use of other elicitation techniques.

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