Sigmund Freud: The Unconscious mind, assignment help

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to beginning work on this discussion be sure to read the Iurato
(2015)  “A
brief comparison of the unconscious as seen by Jung and Levi-Strauss

and review the Sigmund
Freud: The Unconscious mind

and The
Washington Society for Jungian Psychology


unconscious mind is a core concept in most psychoanalytical and
psychodynamic theories, but Freud and Jung’s theories are the most
developed and prominent. Your text and the required readings and
media have presented the two theories. In your initial post of a
minimum of 350 words, present an overview of both Freud’s theory
and Jung’s theory of the role of the unconscious mind as it
pertains to personality and behavior.  Then compare and contrast
the basic assumptions of the two theories and note the similarities
and the differences as they relate to human behavior.  Based on
your reading and research explain which interpretation of the
unconscious mind you support.

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