Situation analysis (all of the above put into narrative form to tell the story of the client)

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We are doing group work and this is my part marked with Bold. Or the Situation analysis.

Client research (including but not limited to collateral materials provided by client, as well as media clippings, communication audit, etc)- Dylan and Nolan

Industry research (including but not limited to statistics, trade commentary, academic analysis, and related case studies)- Hayley and Cassie

Audience analysis (including but not limited to demographics and psychographics)- Katie

Situation analysis (all of the above put into narrative form to tell the story of the client)- Aziz

Industry Research

· NPR is the most trusted source as shown in a survey

· How does WKMS compare to other NPR stations?

· According to Nielson Audio Fall 2017 ratings, the total weekly listeners for all programming on NPR stations is 37.7 million people

· 947 broadcast stations

· audience averages at 41 million users per month

· 28% of all 25-54 year olds listened to an NPR station at least once a month

· 2/3 of all stations are licensed to or affiliated with universities

· Audience members are: business leaders, cultural connoisseurs, educated lifelong learners, civic leaders, explorers, follow technology and believe in sustainability, 54% men, 46% women, 67% aged 25-54, 58% college degree or beyond

· Commercial radio is the 3rd most powerful medium reaching 54% of the country’s population daily

· 11,358 commercial radio stations

· 33.49 million Sirius XM subscribers in the U.S

· Online radio (Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, iTunes Radio) reached 57 million in 2016 for users 35 and older and 48 million for those ages 18-34. Increased to 61% of listeners in 2017.

· Morning Edition saw a 10% gain, year over year, in weekly Hispanic listeners and 16% gain in Black/African American listeners while All Things Considered saw a 9% gain in Hispanic listeners and an 18% gain in Black/African American listeners.

· As of August 2017, NPR Member stations are the leading radio news stations in 26 of the top 50 markets in mornings and 27 of 50 for afternoons (25-54 AQH). And public radio stations are the number one stations, all persons, for the full week in San Diego; Seattle; Portland; Washington, DC; San Francisco; and Boston (WBUR and WGBH combined.) There are other markets where it happens regularly like Austin, Texas and Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. (Source for all the broadcast data is 2017 The Nielsen Company. May not be quoted or reproduced without the prior written permission of Nielsen.)


NPR station map……

Client Research

Mission is to, “inspire and empower a diverse audience by being a trusted and essential resource for information, culture, community, and regional growth as a crucial part of the educational mission of MSU.”

·NPR member station

·WKMS main station, classical station, and alternative music station

·Have set programming with a variety of talk shows, business during week and light-hearted on weekends

·Provide news and weather reports

·OV Resource member

·Audience favorite programs- all things considered, AM edition and Sounds Good

·Use air underwriting

·Listeners make up 30-40% of funding donations

·Strong on community engagement- have financial and communal relationships with various organizations

·Air 2 local podcasts

Audience Analysis

demographics & psychographics

·Fastest growing listener age is 24-35

·Targeting western KY, southern IL, and northwestern TN

·Average age demographic is 45-64

·Typical listener is well educated, 95% more likely to have a bachelor’s degree, 204% more likely to have a master’s degree

·75% of listeners are likely to be homeowners

·73% are influential in their community and own/are partners in a business

·Typical listener strongly supports education, enjoys culture and fine arts; like to travel and shop local; enjoy wine and craft beer

·25,000 listeners weekly

(((Situation Analysis))) <<< this is my part

(all of the above put into narrative form to tell the story of the client)

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