SNHU Algorithm Ciphers Questions

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From previous courses, you know that an algorithm is the set of instructions to follow for performing a procedure. The set of instructions for the procedure of encrypting and decrypting data is called the cipher algorithm. Over the years, many different cipher algorithms have been developed to encrypt data that could only be decrypted with a secret key and the original cipher algorithm.

As a developer, you will want to only use cipher algorithms that have not been broken; in other words, cipher algorithms that can encrypt data and only be decrypted with a secret key. You will want to recommend the use of this cipher algorithm to ensure the security of your data. You will also need to understand which cipher algorithms you need to share encrypted data. To decrypt your data, you or the receiving party will need to have the secret key and use the same cipher algorithm originally used to encrypt the data.

In this assignment, you will identify appropriate algorithm ciphers to apply to a situation and justify your reasoning.


Artemis Financial is looking to encrypt their archive files and they need advice from you, as the developer and security expert, on employing best practices for encrypting their long-term archive files. You will need to research and identify the best and most secure cipher available today to recommend to Artemis Financial. Ultimately, you will recommend the algorithm cipher for file encryption that is most appropriate for their needs.

Your recommendations should be documented and delivered to Artemis Financial. This work will inform your continued work with Artemis Financial in Project Two. However, the specifics of this assignment will not be required as a deliverable in Project Two.

Address the following in your recommendations to Artemis Financial:

  • Algorithm Cipher: Review the scenario and the Java Security Standard Algorithm Names, a standard list of algorithm ciphers provided by Oracle for recommending an appropriate encryption algorithm cipher. Specifically, recommend an appropriate encryption algorithm cipher to deploy given Artemis Financial’s needs. Consider the following in your decision-making process:
    • Consider security protection best practices to defend against various types of security attacks.
    • Consider and identify all of the risks in your recommendation.
    • Consider the most current government regulations and how they will be met.
    • How will this algorithm cipher be used?
    • What is the best cipher and why?
    • What are the reasons why you might not choose the most secure cipher?
  • Justification: You have been asked to provide a brief overview of the encryption algorithm cipher, its advantages, and its disadvantages to justify your reasoning to Artemis Financial. Consider the following:
    • What is the purpose of the hash functions and bit levels of the cipher?
    • Explain the use of random numbers, symmetric vs non-symmetric keys, and so on.
    • Describe the history and current state of encryption algorithms.

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