SOC 324 Sociology of Crime & Violence 4-2 Final Project Milestone 2

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Topic : Prisons as mental health institutions

This assignment will require an annotated
bibliography and an analysis outline (paper) of prevalent stereotypes, historical and modern interpretations, and recent
social change related to your chosen issue. Be sure to provide detailed examples.

Your annotated bibliography will be submitted as a 1–2 page document in APA style. Your annotated list should include at least five academic sources, with a
short explanation (one paragraph) after each source that briefly states the source’s topic and relevance to your project. Your explanation should also indicate
each source’s usefulness in terms of historical and social context. This usefulness can be demonstrated through identifying any relevant social institutions, social
roles, and/or stereotypes present in the source and connected to your project.
Your outline should be 1–2 pages & Provide relevant examples and citations for your outline.

I will attach 2 sources that i have already done.

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