Social, Ethical, and Legal Implications

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Note: the Social, Ethical, and Legal Implications assignment
is part of the total marketing plan as outlined in the grading guide.
It is not a separate paper.

Producing and marketing a product without regard to ethical, legal,
and social considerations is detrimental to the overall success of any

Assess in a maximum of 700 words the ethical, legal,
and social issues affecting your product or service in two markets: the
United States and one international market. Domestic market generally
means the market where the company headquarters are located. If you
choose a domestic market that is not the U.S., then your other market is
required to be the U.S. marketplace. This will be added to the Target
Market section of your Marketing Plan.

Include the following:

  • Develop a process to monitor and control marketing performance. This
    process could be a flowchart but a flowchart is not required
    (flowcharts do not count towards your word count requirement).

Formulate a maximum 350-word executive summary including at a minimum the following elements to include in your marketing plan:

  • Required executive summary elements:
    • Strategic Objectives
    • Products or Services
  • Optional executive summary elements:
    • Resources Needed
    • Projected Outcomes

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