SPHS 507 American Public University System Biomechanical Analysis Project

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Final Project:

The final project is a synthesis of all activities complete throughout the class. The following components are required to be submitted in a Word Document and follow APA guidelines. A paragraph consists of 3-7 sentences that are focused and detailed on the topic being discussed.

I.Assignment Cover Page – No abstract necessary.

II.Introduction – should consist of 3-5 paragraphs and provide a summary of where this project will be taking the reader.

III.Outline of Skills and Phases – this section is a corrected, based on instructor feedback from WK 4 Assignment 3, and more detailed cut and pasted version of your WK 4 Assignment 3. It should be in outline form. No more than 2 pages.

IV.Athlete Description – using your WK 2 Assignment 1 requirements and any additional information provide a detailed account of your athlete. This section should be 3-7 paragraphs and also explain the history of your athlete’s sport, the history of the skills – when they came into play as fundamental skills during your sport’s history, and the performance level your athlete has previously been and is currently competing. (An example would be Tiger Woods. He still maintains his elite skill set but is not completing at the same high level as he did in the past.)

V.Proper biomechanical skill mechanics – Provide a detailed description of the correct biomechanical mechanics necessary to perform your Athlete’s skills. These descriptions should come researching how to perform the skill properly using industry standards and biomechanical analysis that has been previously done on your 2 chosen skills. Peer reviewed journal research should be conducted on how to perform the skills and will be your primary sources for this section of the project. You will have presented these sources in your WK 5 Assignment 4 Annotated Bibliography. Also, be sure to use the terms and concepts developed in WK 3 Assignment 2 as well as the discussion results from weekly discussions.

VI.Define and describe your Data Gathering Methods – For this final project you are required to gather data, via video, photos, etc, of your athlete performing your 2 chosen skills. You will present this information in this section in the form of Video links, photo inserts, etc. Be sure to label all data clearly as you will be referring to them in your biomechanical analysis of your athlete.

VII.Biomechanical Analysis – In this section you will use your data and a developed biomechanical analysis system (usually in chart form) to provide a detailed analysis of your athlete as they progress through the phases of the 2 skills you have chosen. For each phase described in Section III of your Final Project. Use the following recommended resource for assistance: Bartlett, Roger – Sports biomechanics: Reducing injury and improving performance, 1999. Chapter 5, pp. 147-177 & Chapter 8, pp. 244-265. It can be found in the APUS Library. An example of an Analysis Sheet of the Long Jump is there to assist you in your Analysis process, chapter 5 page, 253. You are not required to use analysis software or any specific apps. You will use the tools that are normally at your disposal as a coach and trainer. Usually this involves your eyes, video, or photos. But I would encourage you to explore additional options for analysis, see resource list at end of assignment instructions.

VIII.Feedback to Improve Performance – using your gathered analysis and Li’s (2012) 3 concepts (See Discussion Week 2, 4, 5, & 6) provide feedback on the skills you analyzed to improve your athlete’s performance. Address how these suggestions for improved performance will assist them in competition. Address how these suggestions will prevent or lessen the likelihood of injuries. Provide examples of elite athletes performing each skill or phases of the skills correctly. These can be in video and photo format but must include a description and/or comparison of your athlete and the example athlete.

IX.Conclusion – should consist of 3-5 paragraphs and provide a summary of where this project has taken the reader.

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