SPSS statistical analysis on the survey data

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The objectives of our research is to investigate the factors affecting the bonus and incentive of Malaysian companies. As the name suggests, bonuses and incentives are not quantitative and irregular. Whether or how much employees can get depends entirely on how much economic benefits they can bring to the company. The data show that the main determinants of bonus and incentive generally come from four aspects, namely, the individual performance of employees, the performance of various departments, the company’s operating performance and the company’s future stock report performance. Therefore, we hope to find out the relationship between these four and bonus and incentive through analysis and research. At the same time, we hope that the report can provide some good guidance for the management of Malaysian company, and improve their decision-making level in making future strategic deployment, so as to create better performance for the company.

Questions are as follows:

1. Analyse and assess kolmogorov-smirnova and Shapiro-Wilk test, Normal Q-Q plot, Z-score, Histogram of Residual?

2. Do the Linearity test for the four factors (need to show scatter plots and linear equations)

3. Perform the systematic pearson correlation analysis

4. Multiple regression analysis (Scatter plot), and coefficients of multiple linear regressions, hypthesis to give significant, gradient and results.

5. Explain all the above results in word file.

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