Stage of Cognitive Development of Thanos from The Movie Avengers Essay

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Using  THANOS from the movie AVENGERS – 250 words , 2 or more reference, APA 

Assignmet:Superfight Attribute Card: In the game Superfight, you must argue why your

character ( THanos from Avengers) would win a battle against your opponent’s character. You give your character abilities and

characteristics using attribute cards. Some examples of attributes are having super speed, being armed

with a chainsaw, or having tiny T-Rex arms. For this project, you will be creating an attribute card that

you will give to your opponent.

Directions: Requriements ( please use COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT)

1. Create an attribute card that you will give to your opponent.

2. Analyze your subject’s stage of cognitive development using the attribute card: Share

your IDEAR

a. Identify and define the stage of cognitive development your character is in and

how that would affect their ability to successfully use the attribute card.

b. Provide cognitive and behavioral EXAMPLES to support your position that your

subject is in that stage of cognitive development.

c. Analyze what it would take for your character to win the battle using your

attribute card.

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