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You are now progressing with your capstone multiple server and workstation integration in a single network project. It is important for you to develop the Statement of Work (SOW) to thoroughly define the work and scope for the capstone project along with a detailed project plan and other important project initiation components.

The following are the Week 2 deliverables:

  • Statement of Work (SOW)
    • Detail for the sections that you identified in the Discussion Board
    • An assumptions section
    • A preliminary network infrastructure diagram that represents the requirements and new network configuration or topology for the capstone project
    • A section that describes project stakeholders’ expectations and participation in the project
  • Project Plan
    • Detailed project plan for the entire WBS (2–3 levels deep)
    • Projected start and end dates
    • Projected effort at the task level
    • Gantt chart representation
  • Project Resources
    • Composite of the project team
    • Roles and responsibilities for the project team
    • Other material resources (such as network components)
  • Communications Plan
    • A plan that identifies the meetings and other forms of communication, such as reports
    • A list of constituents who need to receive communications and what form they will receive them in
    • Who has approval authority for moving from one phase to the next and for change requests

3–5 pages of new content

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