STOCK ANALYSIS PROJECT. I want you to do some research about AT&T company and write some part of the report.

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Your team has been assigned a stock from your own Purple Aces Fund. Below is one possible format you can follow to analyze your stock.

Please be innovative and creative and feel free to enhance the proposed analytical format. You can use several sources to collect information including the following: Value line (library), Morningstar,, Capital IQ, Simply WSJ, NADAQ, and Zack reports.

This is a group assignment and I have been assigned for some parts of the project.

Industry Analysis /Outlook

You can find several sources to find the “Industry outlook” (industry group in which your company falls). Present a summary of the analysts’ industry forecast. Value Line is a potential source.

  1. Risk
  • Safety
  • Beta
  • 52-Week Hi/Low
  • Earnings predictability
  • Company’s financial strength
  • Stock Price stability
  • Debt rating ((recent upgrade or downgrade if any)
  • (Potential source Value Line)
  1. Morning Star Report
  • Rating (stars)
  • Quantitative Valuation
  • Quantitative Uncertainty
  • Quantitative Economic Moat
  • Quantitative Financial health
  • Explain briefly the above terms and the methodology used to develop the quantitative assessment.

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