strategic communication project

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I’m working on a communications project and need guidance to help me learn.

Review and revise all earlier written assignments, and submit a completed, cohesive first draft of your Strategic Communication Plan (8-10 pages; 10 pages maximum length).

Present the plan — in content, tone, and format — as you would present it to your client.


o8-10 page paper (10 page maximum length, not including the title page, reference pages, and optional appendices)

oCite references using APA (7th edition)

oInclude section headings throughout the paper where appropriate (as you deem relevant for your plan; consider how the headings can help to emphasize aspects of your plan, and make the content memorable and reader-friendly)

oOptional: If you’d like to include example materials (of messaging content, etc.), you can include them in an appendix, labeled with appropriate/relevant headings to identify the content

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