Strategic option- 1500 words

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need to differentiate LesMills gym, NewZealand with other gyms. what we have best as compared to others. need to do cost leadership what we are doing for our external stakeholders.

With whom we have tie-ups like from where we are getting machinery , about staff

moving on factors like what kind of machinery we use in our gym for improvement

our marketing plans like memberships, corporate memberships, advertisements plans

what are innovations in gym , who are our logistics , operations in gym .

Also relate them to feasibility, suitability, acceptability.

other details are :

  • Logistic, Operations ep, Marketing membership, Innovation Digital cd
  • Finance

Goal in this areas



Each areas should be discuss by suitability, Acceptability,Feasibility

  • Suitability:- implementing this strategy will resolve this issue i.e take the opportunity, Neutralise the threat, make good use of the strength, Cure the weakness.
  • Acceptability :- Goals are consistent ith mission, mission, Risk vs Returns, Stake holder feelings.
  • Feasibility can it be done, have resources, Capabilities, fund, available for implementing this strategy? Competitor Responses?

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