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Part 2 of the project/ please review the completed doc to help with part 2.

a minimum of 2-3 full pages, provide a report that includes the following:

  • How might the company build more of an online
  • Analysis of their website. What was favorable about
    their website? What are some of their website attributes that customers
    may find unappealing?
  • Recommendations for data that they should capture to
    help with their online conversions (sales) and why.
  • Discuss how the business would benefit from adding a
    company-sponsored blog to their website.
  • Include an APA formatted title page.
  • Include an APA formatted reference page with at least 3
    credible sources – with 1 source being from an academic such as a book or an academic scholarly journal.

to use proper tone in your paper. You are speaking from a
“consultant” point of view. Your audience is the Leadership Team for
the online grocery store.

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