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This week’s discussion prompt is in two parts (and you must respond to both parts to receive full credit for your submission):

First, share your take on the second part of A Study in Scarlet. Were you surprised that it shifted direction so suddenly and completely? (To be honest, I was surprised myself until I looked into it and discovered that Doyle modeled this after earlier writers and works.) How did this impact your enjoyment of the work?

Next, please discuss Doyle’s treatment of the setting and circumstances in Part Two. His description of the West, as well as his characterization of Brigham Young, have been critiqued for their inaccuracy, and some academics contend that this exaggerated depiction of both the landscape and the Mormons was not only reflective of British colonialism of the time, but that the popularity of A Study in Scarlet also contributed to Young’s ‘notorious’ reputation as the leader of the Mormon church. As we read this in 2018, how do these considerations influence your understanding of the text? Does the piece succeed or fail regardless of the historical context? Please cite specific examples from Part Two to support your view.

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