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Read Chapter 8 in your course text and review the subfields listed in Table 8.3. Locate an additional outside source that lists subfields in psychology or a related field that includes one or more subfields not listed in Table 8.3. Cite the additional source according to APA guidelines in your initial post:

  • Which three subfields in psychology that most interest you?
  • What personal characteristics (knowledge, skills, abilities) do you possess that might make these areas a good fit for you?
  • Which three subfields interest you the least?
  • If you were challenged with creating a new subfield, what would be the name of your subfield and what would it consist of?

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Make sure you read the information in the textbook before writing your personal statement. The author included very important guidance about what to include and what not to include. Your statement should be of the caliber that it could be submitted with a formal job application or application to graduate school.

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