Supply Chain Management Questions, business and finance homework help

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Please answer each question in 150- 200 words each in your own words. Please cite references, thank you.

1. Explain what Lean Sigma Roadmap is and how can it benefit a supply chain?

2. Research the 5 WHY’s Lean Sigma Tool. Come up with your own example of Five WHYs.  Comment if you think that
the number of “5” is too few or too many to effectively satisfy your
reason for using this “tool.”

3. Read the attached reading. What is your opinion about what McDonald’s has done in the reading below?  Would you recommend any changes?

4. Some companies contend that they can never adopt JIT ( just-in-time approaches for manufacturing planning and control) because their suppliers are located all over the country and distances are too great. What might you suggest to these firms?

5. How could some of the elements of Just-In-Time benefit Logistics companies?  Provide several examples.

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