Survival of the fittest

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Discussion: Survival of the Fittest

Okay, so here is where you get to use your process analysis skills for real.

Next season, CBS has decided to take Survivor to the teens. Twenty 16-to-18 year olds will be selected based on what they know about survival.  To win a spot as a castaway, you need to compose a careful examination of one skill you will need to survive in an environment with no food, water, or shelter. To win:

  1. Select and research a specific survival activity (i.e. how to build a fire in extreme cold, how to catch fish without equipment).
  2. Plan a well-organized, five paragraph procedural (step-by-step) document that explains the steps in detail. You should have at least 7 sentences per paragraph.
  3. Draft a detailed, descriptive, interesting procedural document on your survival skill based on the skills learned in this unit and section.
  4. Add diagrams, illustrations, or photographs to enhance your document.
  5. Be sure to list your research sources using MLA format
    (See the Works Cited Guide or view the Text Version).

Once you have a solid draft, follow these directions to submit it for peer review:

  1. Publish your essay to the Discussion: Survival of the Fittest link for peer evaluation.
  2. Read and conduct a peer review of at least two of your peers’ contest entries following the 4 Ps of peer critique:
    • Praise what is working.
    • Probe what you don’t understand.
    • Propose improvements with tact.
    • And above all be POSITIVE.

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