Syria Reconstruction, political science homework help (15 pages)

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The topic/ Syria Reconstruction

Research paper 15 pages. I need
footnotes for it. Due Date/ 25 Feb

My paper has three sections. I want
to give me the update for each section as the following:

•  Abstract/Thesis
(the paper will answer these 3 questions) 
(1 page)/ Due Date/11 Feb

•  Introduction  (Background and the causes of the civil
war in Syria) (1 page)/ Due Date/11 Feb

•  Section
1 / Why did this become an issue?  (How
they suffer and the implications)  (3
pages)/ Due Date/14 Feb

o  The

o  People

•  Section
2 / What role are the international committees taking to face this issue?  (2 pages)/ Due Date/16 Feb

•  Section
3 / What else can be done to confront this issue? (Best alternative solutions,
come up with good ideas)  (7
pages)  22 Feb

•  Conclusion  (1 page)/ Due Date/23 Feb

•  References  / Due Date/24 Feb

Final Editing  /Due Date/ 25 Feb

For each section, I will write some
information to let you know what I want to write exactly, but it’s a
plagiarism. You can paraphrase it, expand it, and add more information.

The professor like to use Prism
Magazine and Center for Complex Operations as one of the sources, and he asked
for each page to have at least two citation from any credible resources, such
as Foreign Policy, The Economist Magazine, CNN, and Washington post. Also, use
books as one of the sources. I need footnotes.

Please make sure there is no
plagiarism, and I want to get an A on this research paper.

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