system for leader and follower exchange.

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Read the article provided (Sy & McCoy, 2014). (Atteched in file )The authors describe a system for leader and follower exchange. In working the project for this class, how do you envision yourself sometimes leading others and sometimes following others throughout the course period? Do you think your team will identify leaders and followers on a more formal or more informal basis? In what way could project roles be formally established in your project? What kind of role structure would you recommend?


NEED 350-450 WORDS

Responds to the given prompt. Introduces new ideas and is well
developed. Integrates all reading assignments with citations and/or short
quotes. Shows strong understanding and application of material. Ties experience
to concepts. Ends with the student’s own question with thoughtfulness. Provides
references of material not provided in the syllabus.

Note: All writing will be highly criitqued. Please utilize the writing lab frequently if needed. If you have any questions please contact me.

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