Systematic Review of Attentional Focus Strategies in Weightlifting Article Review

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I’m working on a science discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Critical thinking involves asking five questions: who, what, when, where, how.

  • Find and read an article in the media, journal, Wall Street Journal or a video clip that reports the results of a scientific study on attention and concentration in sport and exercise. You must include the link to the website.
  • How accurately did the media report the study?
  • Answer the above five questions about the article (Who, What, When, Where, and How).
  • CRITICAL THINKING REVIEW EXAMPLECritical thinking involves asking five questions—who, when, what, where, how.You should organize your paper in the following manner: Your Name Critical Review Author, I. (date of publication). Title of article. Name of Publication, volume #, page #-#.   <p”>OR <p”>Author, I. (date of publication if available). Title of article.  World Wide Web: [Web site address] Where: Where did this article/Web page appear? Is this reasonable? Is the publishing entity respectable/responsible?Who: Who wrote/published the article/Web page? What are their credentials? Are the credentials appropriate for their argument?When: Is this current information? If yes, do you think it will stand the “test of time”? If no, is it outdated or is it classic?What: What argument is/are the author(s) making? Is it logical? Based on what you know, is it reasonable? What evidence is given to support the argument? Can you think of evidence to refute it?How: How was the supporting/refuting evidence collected? Is this credible? What kind of evidence do you think needs to be gathered to test the argument? Did the author(s) do this?Summarize the quality of the article (it does not have to be a “good” article in your opinion), and whether you consider this to be a worthwhile and trustworthy article. Did you think it was biased? Could the author have underlying motives? What do you think? Is it valid?NOTE: Do not simply answer yes or no to the questions above. Write a thoughtful response to each section. SAMPLE CRITICAL REVIEWVirginia Norris Critical ReviewEggenberger, T. Sentinel node biopsy.  World Wide Web: The Intellihealth Web site is a general information health Web site. It draws information from “trusted sources” (e.g., Harvard Medical School, University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine); however, it sells health products and is financed by an insurance company. They do not endorse specific products. In general, the information on this site should be viewed with caution but may be an appropriate first step.Who: Ty Eggenberger, a correspondent for Intellihealth. No evidence is given for the author’s credentials, but the Web site indicates that the editors are experts and use trusted sources.When: Although the site was last updated 8/27/01, there is no indication when the article was written. It appears to be current, but this cannot be evaluated.What: This article reviews a new diagnostic procedure, sentinel node biopsy, for breast cancer. They suggest that women investigate this option, but caution that the surgeon’s experience level is associated with diagnostic accuracy. The information is supported with quotations from a surgeon at a prestigious hospital. The argument appears reasonable and is appropriately cautious. If I were looking for advice on this issue, I would search in more clinically oriented databases to look for data on hits and misses for this diagnostic tool.How: I was disappointed that no source was cited. This makes it difficult for me to evaluate how the evidence was collected.In summary, this is a good first-step article that presents a new diagnostic tool; however, before insisting on this type of biopsy over an axillary dissection, I would look for further information.

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