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Instructions and Rubric for High School Parent/Teacher Presentation

(Systems Support Programming)

This is an individual
assignment. Class instruction during the intensive will aid students in
preparing for this assignment. Students create a PowerPoint that orients
parents/teachers to a comprehensive school counseling program and demonstrates
how a data-supported transition program
fits within the framework of a comprehensive school counseling program (ASCA
Model). Students will include lecture notes in each slide (please seek
assistance from the university technology department/writing center or use an
online tutorial if you do not know how to add presentation notes to your
PowerPoint slides).  The transitioning
program will begin in 9th grade, promoting a successful transition
from middle school to high school and potentially a successful transition to
post-secondary career option.

There is no required number
of slides; cover all rubric components sufficiently. Each slide will have a
heading that is IDENTICAL to the
rubric component headings in title and sequence. For example,
after a “title” slide, your first
slide will be “Orientation to a Comprehensive School
Counseling Program
You may have several slides with this title in order
to cover all rubric elements for that component. Your next set of slides will
be titledTransitioning Program”,
and so on. Following the rubric components as your slide titles helps to ensure
that you stay focused on the rubric and what is being requested for the
assignment. It also aids your instructor in locating the information to ensure
it has been covered and you receive credit for covering the required assignment
elements. The only information
under each heading is the responses and required information as outlined in the
rubric. The instructor
will follow this rubric for grading.

Please submit the assignment
by the deadline noted on the Course

Rubric for High School Parent/Teacher

High School Systems
Support Program Components
(Be sure to address the questions/comments for each component)


Component #1: Orientation to a Comprehensive School
Counseling Program

  • Describe to the audience a
    comprehensive school counseling program in accordance with the ASCA
    National Model.


Component #2: Transitioning
Program and the ASCA Model Framework

  • Review a state or school division report card
    on the Internet and identify one gap you would like to address with your
    transition program (e.g., poor attendance, high drop-out rates, low
    academic achievement, high suspensions/discipline rates). Cite your
    report card source.
  • Identify how a transition program may help to
    close this gap. For example, what might research say about how a
    successful transition program enhances student attendance? reduces
    drop-out rates? Improves academic achievement? Support your response
    with one peer-reviewed journal article, preferably from ASCA’s Professional School Counselor.
  • Identify how
    the transitioning program you are planning will fit into the ASCA
    National Model under each of these system components: 





  • Describe the functions of collaboration
    and consultation with stakeholders in coordinating the program
    activities and removing obstacles to program success.
  • What does Define
    “peer-reviewed” journal article and how you find them. If you do not know what a peer
    reviewed journal article is, please contact the library, writing center,
    or use the Internet as a resource (cite your source). If you do not know
    how to conduct research (e.g., identify databases for journal article,
    use the stacks in the Library), please contact Liberty’s librarians or
    writing center for assistance.


Component #3:
Program Evaluation

  • Identify one
    outcome and one
    perception data source to be used to measure the effectiveness of the


Use correct grammar, punctuation, sentence structure,
spelling, APA Style for citations and references (references are included on
the final slide titled “References”).
Please seek the assistance of Liberty’s writing center as needed. Student
includes lecture notes in the PowerPoint. These notes will be grammatically
correct and in complete sentences to that the reader can follow along with
exactly what the school counselor would be saying to the audience.




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