tablaeu project

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11/14 Tableau 1 Project, Upload to Canvas

  • Due Sunday by 11:59pm
  • Points 10
  • Submitting a file upload
  • File Types twbx
  • Available Oct 11 at 12am – Nov 21 at 11:59pm about 1 month

Get Access to the Tableau Software: Getting Access to Tableau – F21.pdf Download Getting Access to Tableau – F21.pdf

Project Instructions: Tableau 1 Tutorial.pdf Download Tableau 1 Tutorial.pdf
(Word version: Tableau 1 Tutorial.docx Download Tableau 1 Tutorial.docx)

Project Data: Tableau 1 Tutorial Data.xlsx Download Tableau 1 Tutorial Data.xlsx

Check this page to get started, get help on individual techniques & compare your results: Tableau Overview & Tips (F21)

Upload Instructions:

Check your upload – it must be saved as a packaged Tableau workbook. Which ends with .twbx (not twb!): look at the submission information on the right side of your screen and 1) download a copy a copy of your project FROM Canvas to another folder on your computer. 2) Open this copy, be sure it’s the right project, etc. and then 3) close / save this copy. This is your back up copy and the creation and last modified dates will be retained as long as it is unopened.

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