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Think of a recently
completed group project that you have been involved with. This project may have
been a student project, a group project, or an extracurricular project.

describe the situation, and choose one of the following to post on the Discussion

Analyze the development of the team
in terms of the four-phase model. Does this model describe how the team

Analyze the group in terms of
situational factors that influence team development. What factors positively
contributed to group performance? What factors negatively contributed to group
performance? How did the group try to overcome the negative factors? What could
you have done differently to overcome these negative factors?

Analyze how effectively the group
managed meetings. What did the group do well? What didn’t the group do well? If
the group were formed again, what specific recommendations would you make about
how the group should manage meetings?

Deliverable Length: 
3 – 4paragraphs


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