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Smart-Toys-Smart Kids CEO would like have additional communication tools like video conferencing and instant messaging (IM) in the new IT system. He would like to have IM and video conferencing available for its employees and for the retail stores (more than 100).

This new system will improve the communication not among his employees but also between his company and the vendors as well. For Example: His employee would be able to make video conferencing with retail store manager in different state.

But, he was told that it is not going to be as easy as establishing e-mail communication between so many different computers. Instant messaging (IM) and Video Conferencing are not working like e-mail.

Answer the CEO’s questions below.

Why can’t IM work as simply as e-mail?

Will the videoconferencing software work as simply as e-mail? If not why?

What should I do to make sure new instant messaging (IM) and Video Conferencing system will work?

Western Cowboy Boots (WCB)

Family owned Cowboy Boots maker WCD had new president to improve the company performance.President Coone is particularly intrigued with the potential of the Internet, but he and the other members of management are not exactly sure what is the Internet and the World Wide Web. Your task is to prepare a brief management summary on the technical essential aspects of the Internet and the World Wide Web and how they work.Remember, the audience is not technical.President Coone is confused about the relationship between the World Wide Web and the Internet and often states that they are the same.Please be sure to explain this in your summary.

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