Test Cases

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Specify the Business Requirements Document, Part 4 – Test Cases.

Specify at least 2 Test Cases for each of the 3 Storyboards you created in Week 3. Specify possible input and output using fictitious data. Follow specified template for Test Cases as given in the resources.

**It is VERY important to follow the directions and examples given in the references attached. Your Test Case needs to look like the one in the example template (you can use the template, just change the info that’s in red to fictitious data). Storyboard on the first page, then the 2 test cases on the second page (REMEMBER – 2 test cases for each storyboard. There are 3 storyboards, so you will have 6 test cases in total).

**Also see the attached “current processes” reference. This is to possibly help with the assignment in case you need to know things for how the company works.

****THIS IS THE PROJECT OVERVIEW–You have been contracted by Affordable Quality Construction as a business analyst to make a recommendation for the implementation of SalesForce®, a popular Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) currently on the market.

***Be sure to use APA format and cite all references***

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