Text Logs- 3 readings

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Your Text Log should address the following topics for each text you read each week:

1) the name and/or author of the text

2) one important idea you have taken from this text

3) one question this text raises for you

You may use any modality or combination of modalities (e.g., an audiorecording of you talking about the texts; a concept map you drew and snapped a picture of; a word document) to complete Text Logs. Please make sure all work is YOUR original work (e.g., a drawing of stick-figure students in a classroom that you made, NOT a photo of students you found on the internet).

Text Logs: 2 texts uploaded files and one link

ReadWriteThink’s resources on teaching comprehension: https://www.readwritethink.org/search?s=comprehens… [Choose one Standard Lesson suitable for children in any grade from 1-6 to read and review. For example, lessons geared towards 6-8 or K-2 are acceptable because they include at least one grade from 1-6.] Links to an external site.

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