The 4 P’s of Marketing

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Each question needs to be in-depth and well thought out.

Part 1

1. Are some products too dangerous to be marketed in any circumstance? Give a product/service example and apply the ethical issues of the 4 P’s of marketing.

2. The Federal Trade Commission regulates advertising/promotion on the bases of two criteria: deception and unfairness. How can an ad be unfair? Who gets hurt by deceptive advertising?

Part 2

1. Most of the time, consumers are responsible for gun safety. This assumes the manufacturer made a safe product in the first place. A 2017 lawsuit against Remington Rifles found that faulty 700 and 710 series rifles would fire when the safety released, instead of when the trigger was pulled. The safety often disengaged by accident, causing the gun to fire. a. As a jury member, what facts would you want to know before deciding the case?

b. Who are the stakeholders of your decision? What is the impact on each stakeholder?

c. Would you decide the case based on the ultimate consequences or pre-established rules? Utilitarian versus Deontology?

Part 3

1. Consider the concept of marketing products/services to the affluent, or those with high levels of disposable income. a. Is this business practice ethical in nature?

b. Should the concept of ‘overpricing’ products to affluent populations be considered unethical?

Part 4

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