The British University in Dubai Ethical Issues in Cloning Question

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Subject: Health sciences and nursing



Number of pages: 2 pages equivalent to 550 words 

For this assignment, write an essay that addresses ethical and bioethical issues in medicine. ABORTION

In your introduction, identify the issue you selected.
Next, explain what roles the law, ethics, and/or bioethics have had on this issue. What similarities and differences are there between the laws, ethics, and bioethics that surround your issue? What current laws or regulations are in place within your state that address your issue?
Write a summary of whether or not you agree or disagree with the current laws or regulations that relate to your issue. How does this issue relate to human rights? Is this issue an international concern? If it is not, should it be? Why, or why not?
Conclude your essay by proposing one solution for the issue that you have identified. 

hi i want to change the topic please let my writer know instead of ABORTION I want to talk about CLONING

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