the following paper to discuss in a three to five page paper

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  • Identify key ideas, representative authors and works, significant historical or cultural events, and characteristic perspectives or attitudes expressed in the literature of different periods or regions. (SLO 1)
  • Analyze literary works as expressions of individual or communal values within the social, political, cultural, or religious contexts of different literary periods. (SLO 2)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the development of characteristic forms or styles of expression during different historical periods or in different regions. (SLO 3)
  • Articulate the aesthetic principles that guide the scope and variety of works in the arts and humanities. (SLO 4)
  • Write research-based critical papers about the assigned readings in clear and grammatically correct prose, using various critical approaches to literature. (SLO 5)

In addition to expressing your opinion by stating a claim that argues one of the prompts below and using evidence from the text to support that claim, you will also incorporate one critical secondary source into your argument. Use the Vernon College databases or a book collection of critical response to locate and incorporate either support for your claims and subclaims or a counterargument in your opinion paper.

Remember, do not ignore the conventions of formal writing. You still want to avoid the first and second person perspectives (meaning no “I” and “you” or any associated pronouns – “me,” “my,” “your,” etc.) in this essay and write in the present tense when writing about literature.

the following paper to discuss in a three to five page paper. Utilize proper MLA formatting guidelines, including double-spacing your document and utilizing a creative title.

Donald Barthelme’s stories are highly absurd, though they exemplify the Postmodern concept of “man the game player.” Using one or two of the assigned stories—“The Baby,” “The School,” or “Some of Us Had Been Threatening our Friend Colby”— comment on Barthelme’s treatment of real life situations through humor and absurdity. What is he saying beneath the absurdity? How is the information he presents chosen specifically to highlight his points?

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