The gathering of Old men, exam help

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For the Final Exam, know the following:

Characters: Candy, Lou Dimes, Snookum, Janey, Mat, Miss Merle, Uncle Billy

Mathu’s response to Beau when asked if he shot Beau ?

What Johnny Paul tells Mapes about the land?

Setting (place and time period)?

What Bea says about why Candy won’t get married ?

How Mapes felt about Mathu ?

Common character trait the old men exhibited throughout life as it relates to handling conflict.?

The following characters’ reasons for wanting to take credit for shooting Beau: Clatoo, Mat, Jacob, and Uncle Billy?

How the issue of light-skinned versus dark-skinned blacks is prevalent in the novel.? 

the book name is gathering of old men :

i need the Answer for each one

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