the impacts of undocumented immigrants on the US labor market

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the statement of the research “I am concerned with the impacts of undocumented immigrants on the US labor market”

elements of the research

  • Impacts
    • Economy (public services they consume)
    • Leadership (Trump is using them for his political agenda)
    • Wages (due to undocumented workers the wages decreased)
  • undocumented immigrants: the migration of people into the country in ways that violate the immigration laws of the country, or the remaining in the country of people who no longer have the legal right to remain.
  • Connection between Undocumented immigrants and labor market:
    • (Constructions and industrial services hire mostly undocumented immigrants)

1. You are to select (at least 5) sources related to your research question/statement. These sources should be peer-reviewed journal articles or

2. Once you have read (or more likely skimmed) the sources and determined that they are worthy of inclusion, you should:

  • summarize the thesis or main argument of each source
  • briefly discuss the methodology used in the study
  • talk about how each source relates to your research question/statement. In other words, why have you selected the book or article in question? Which aspects of your research question/statement are validated or discredited by the source?

3. The format of the Lit Review should be narrative paragraphs (no bullet-points), and you should demonstrate some understanding of the sources (don’t just quote the important bits). Show that you understand what you have read.

4. Let’s try to get a paragraph (single-spaced), per source.

I need to access the sources ether you send in pdf or the link of the sources

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