the importance of commitments. How Dr.Goodkin(university) perception of work inviroment effect his action

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It’s a writing assignment .

There is no specific book. Just a Code of Ethics IACPA.

Please help me answer following questions in number 3 (3) about Dr. Goodkin actions:

(Put yourself in Dr. Goodkin’s place. What specific actions would you, as Dr. Goodkin, pursue to improve the situation? Now assume that Norwest is heavily reliant on firm donations for operating costs. How would the added financial pressure likely affect Dr. Goodkin’s behavior?

As another alternative, assume that Dr. Goodkin had good reason to believe that the work environment at Potter was unsatisfactory. How would Dr. Goodkin’s perception of the work environment at Potter alter her actions?

Finally, assume that David Daschow went above Dr. Goodkin and expressed his displeasure the university administration, hinting that Potter might limit future contributions. In what ways might this additional pressure placed by the administration on Dr. Goodkin change her decision options and recommendations?

Thank you,


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