The Role of Gender in Judicial Proceedings, assignment help

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Review the article titled “Too pretty for prison” located here. Be prepared to discuss.

From the e-Activity, explain the key differences between the risk factors and the protective factors that can exist in juvenile delinquency among males and females. Provide at least two (2) examples of these gender differences in your response.

From the e-Activity, discuss whether or not you believe that a double standard exists in the adjudication and treatment among male and female juvenile delinquent offenders. Provide a rationale for your response.
Respond to statement response must include at least one question

I believe males are significantly more delinquent than females, males commit more crimes than females, male and female delinquents are most often arrested for minor crimes, i think there are some differences in the crimes which males and females are arrested for, for example, males are arrested for serious crimes such as burglary and motor-vehicle theft, when female delinquents may be arrested for larceny and status offenses like breaking curfew or maybe even running away.

Males and females may behave differently due to how they were exposed to different things in their lives.

Does a double standard exist in the adjudication and treatment among male and female delinquent offers? Yes, in my opinion the criminal justice system is more lenient to women who fit the stereotype and more harshly to those who don’t.

For example, women in custody or under other types of sentences, I think have been placed uncomfortably into the jail system that is devised mostly for the male majority and with little or no regard for womens needs. 

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