the stock report

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Adapted from Twyman, C. (June 2015). Short Group Report Using Stock Data.

Business and Professional Communication Quarterly

. Retrieved from

COMM 1720 Sections 04 and 05: A2, A3: Stock performance report

The stock-report assignment has two components—(1) the progress report and (2) the analytical report. Completing the

purchase table and the weekly values table will provide you with data to use in preparing these reports. In preparing the

stock-performance report, you will also receive exposure to the stock market and some of the financial information

associated with stocks that are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange and with the TSX Composite Index.

Assume you work for an investment company, Melmoth Financial Group, and a new client, Mary Seacole, asks you to

purchase 600 shares of stock for her–300 shares in each of two industries and 100 shares in each of three companies

within each industry.

Choose two sectors (refer to


Individuals in

Groups 1-5

should choose stocks from within the following sectors: Basic Material, Consumer Cyclical,

Consumer Non-cyclical, Energy, and Financials

. Individuals in

Groups 6-10

should choose stocks from the following

sectors: Healthcare, Industrials, Technology, Telecommunications, and Utilities.

You purchase the stock. You then track the performance of the stock as well as the performance of the market as a whole

on the S&P/TSX Composite Index so that you can report to Ms. Seacole on how her stock is doing.

Collect the closing market value for each company in your stock-purchase table and for the TSX Composite Index after

the stock market closes each Tuesday from September 18 to November 6; you will have eight values for each company.

Collect this collected information in a table similar to the one below. Replace the week numbers (Week 1, Week 2, etc.)

with dates (September 18, September 25, etc.).

You will use the weekly values table for information in your report to your client, Mary Seacole, about how her stock

performed during the time she owned it.

In the example table below, Week 1 lists the purchase values per share, and Week 8 lists the selling values. Note that the

S&P/TSX Composite Index is an index number and not a dollar value and so is not written using a dollar s

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