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please answer the following questions:

question 1:

Supreme Court has held that burning an American flag is protected by
the First Amendment if it is done as a political expression.

question 2:

Regulation of speech in a public forum cannot discriminate based on the content of the speech.

question 3:

The Supreme Court has held that children in school can be expelled for refusing to recite the pledge of allegiance.

question 4:

The Supreme Court held that a clergy-led prayer at a high school graduation ceremony was unconstitutional.

question 5:

voluntary recitation of a prayer by children in public schools at the
beginning of each day has been held unconstitutional by the Supreme

question 6:

The application of the Exclusionary Rule sometimes results in guilty people going free.

question 7:

If police obtain a confession in violation of the Miranda case, the confession could still be used in court to impeach the defendant.

question 8:

How has the teaching of evolution created a freedom of religion issue?

please write one paragraph for this essay question

question 9:

What are some of the free speech issues of students in public schools? 

question 10:

Compare and contrast the Establishment Clause with the Free Exercise Clause.

question 11:

Cross burning is never protected by the First Amendment.

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