The teacher is asking couple questions about our opinion for our class.

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My professor always trying to improve the student learning experience in his classes – especially in online classes, which are so difficult to make engaging. He like to hear from us about a couple of the question prompts below:

What were the films we watched that were the most useful for your understanding of filmmaking and film criticism? And least useful?

Were the classes with a series of short clips rather than a feature film more effective for your learning? And were there specific shorts or clips that stuck with you as effective teaching devices?

Have you taken other online classes that were more effective in using the forums to generate conversation? If so, how did they work?

Any other thoughts about the structure of the class?

The film we watched in class are: Chinatown, Directed by Roman Polanski, 1974

City of God, Directed by Fernando Meirelles & Katia Lund, 2002

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Midnight, Directed by Ana Lily Amirpour, 2014

Fargo, Directed by Joel Coen, 1996

The Clip we watched in class are: The Assassination of Jesse James, Directed by Andrew Dominik, 2007.

Mothlight, Directed by Stan Brakhage, 1963

Un Chien Andalou, Directed by Luis Bunuel, 1928

I Love Sarah Jane, Directed by Spencer Susser, 2009

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