To Market, To Market

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Now that you’ve been on the job a while, sales for one of your company’s key products/services have begun slipping, and there is concern that the company needs to broaden its target market. The Vice President of Marketing has tasked you with the following:

  1. Create an advertisement (brochure, commercial, or other) that would attract your target market to this product as well as show them the benefits and value this product holds for them. In other words, your ad should convince consumers in the target market that this product has many benefits, and that it can meet their needs.
  2. Within your advertisement, describe the target market for this product (use a product or service that would be important in your future career), and how you will attract and influence your target market.
    • You will want to use at least two of the segmentation types (Geographic, Demographic, Psychographic, and Product-Related) to provide a detailed description of your target market.

If you choose to make a commercial, you can use a tool such as Screencast-O-Matic.

If you choose to create an audio/sound recording of your response (.MP3, .wav, etc.), there are many methods for recording audio. Use the method you are already comfortable with. If you’ve never recorded audio.

If you prefer to make a brochure or another form of print advertisement using Word, Publisher, or PowerPoint.

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