Troy University Honor Code Pledge, questions help

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1)  Provide a statement summarizing the key grading expectations found in the course syllabus.

2)  Using MS Word features of “Cut & Paste” complete the Troy University Honor Code Pledge found in the syllabus inserting your name into the pledge and the Accounting Major Code of Conduct pledge.  By inserting your name in these two copied statements it is the equivalent of signing your name to both.

3)  Discuss the difference between information and data.  Illustrate this difference with an example from your personal experiences while attending classes at Troy University.

4)  Describe the foundation areas of business (and all) organizations and illustrate the unique role of accounting in the information system to provide quality information to those foundation areas.  You should include at least two examples of the information provided to each foundation area and how accounting is involved in the development and delivery of the selected examples.

2016 ACT 3396 Syllabus SP16.doc 

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