TV watching the commercials, health and medicine homework help

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Click Week 3 Discussion, to the left, then Create Thread, on the next page, to post your main response!

Remember that participation is required on a minimum of three days through 11:59 PM ET Sunday.  It is highly suggested that the main response to the discussion is posted by 11:59PM ET Thursday of the assignment week.

Choose a 30 minute TV show geared towards children (for example a cartoon on the Nickelodeon Channel or Disney Channel).  As you watch the episode, count the total number of commercials broadcasted within those thirty minutes as well as the number from that total that advertised junk food items*.  Calculate the percentage of the junk food commercials shown (the number of junk food commercials divided by the total number of all commercials, and multiplied by 100).  Now choose a 30 minute TV show geared toward an adult audience and complete the same counts (total number of commercials, number of junk food commercials, percentage of junk food commercials).  

Use your calculations to discuss your findings with your classmates in your initial response.  Include the following in your discussion:

  1. The titles of shows you watched
  2. Time of day each show was broadcasted
  3. Your calculated percentages and commercial trends (for example, many cereal ads or fast food chain ads, etc)
  4. Compare the percentages between the two shows and discuss your findings.  

*Note:  Junk food may include any food item with low nutritional value or high in carbohydrates and/or fats.  (for example, Eggo waffles, high sugar cereals, candy, fast food items, desserts, yogurt drinks high in sugar, etc.)

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